In my second feature film, Michael Urie (UGLY BETTY) gives a stunning debut performance as a young man living in SoHo who places a roommate ad onllne the day before 9/11.  This was adapted from my stage play which premiered in the NYC Fringe Festival, starring the original cast. This movie captures a unique moment in the city’s history; the tense weeks after the attack on the World Trade Center and how New Yorkers dealt with it all.  This film had its broadcast premiere on MTV’s Logo on 9/11/06 and is now available on DVD via TLA Video.


Alexis Arquette (as a boy!) and Tuc Watkins (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) are a gay couple attending a straight couple’s wedding When an old male crush shows up at the wedding, complications and hijinks ensue.  Lauren Velez (DEXTER) plays the lovely and neurotic bride to be.  This was my first feature film and it’s a homage to screwball comedy. It also features the legendary Marni Nixon, the famed singing voice of Natalie Wood and Deborah Carr.  It was shot in gorgeous 35mm (how old school, right?) and completed in 22 days.  

This short was my NYU thesis film that eventually ended up at Sundance and even got theatrically released in 50 US cities as part of the BOYS LIFE package.  It’s about the romantic misadventures of a high school senior who gets his first summer job working at a health club where he catches the eye of a male club member and female aerobics instructor. It was shot on location in Bethesda and Takoma Park, MD -- my own teen stomping grounds!  Look for cameos by me, my brother and even my mom.

I wrote and directed a short film called BUMPING HEADS in this third iteration of the BOYS LIFE series, which I also Executive Produced.  This film was based on a one-act play that I wrote for a local theatre festival in New York.  It stars Craig Chester (ADAM & STEVE) who spends a long night on the town with Andersen Gabyrch (EDGE OF 17) that unexpetedly ends in the ER.  It also features comedian Nora Burns from Unitard as the slightly daffy attending doctor.  This was my first film that was shot digitally, using the Panasonic HD system.


An expansion of Eldar Rapaport’s award winning-short POST-MORTEM, AUGUST is about two former lovers who reunite during an L.A. heatwave. After seeing Eldar’s short at Outfest, I worked with him as a writer and producer to develop it into a full-length feature. This sexy romantic drama stars Murray Bartlett (LOOKING) and Daniel Dugan as the former couple and Adrian Gonzalez as the new boyfriend. Beautifully shot in the “real L.A.” rarely seen on film, AUGUST has some incredible performances in it as well. I’m very proud of my work helping to bring this story to life.